May 2018 Dividend Income


Hello dividend lovers welcome to my May dividend income post. I have seen a few bloggers post their May dividends and they are breaking their own records which is great to see. For me I did not break my record like I did in April. However May was a positive month for me as my year over year income grew. As a dividend investor that is what I want to see.

My portfolio consists of three accounts combined in May I received $369.72 this is an increase of $85.37 compared to May 2017. In my Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) I received $200.33. In my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) $142.84, and in my Locked In Retirement Account $26.55.


2017 2018
Artis Real Estate Investment Trust $13.95 $14.22
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust $17.63 $0.00
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.48
Corus Entertainment $6.56 $18.05
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $32.62
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $15.70
Plaza Real Estate Investment Trust $0.00 $23.61
Canadian Apartment Properties Reit $0.00 $8.85
Total $100.84 $142.84

I saw some nice growth in this account due to my new investment in Plaza REIT and Canadian Apartment Properties REIT, Inter Pipeline and Corus Entertainment.


2017 2018
Royal Bank of Canada $66.99 $72.38
Bank of Montreal $62.48 $66.03
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.29 $31.81
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76 $16.97
Potash Corp (now Nutrien) $5.99 $0.00
Realty Income Corp. $0.00 $13.14
Total $183.51 $200.33

The main reason for growth with this account was my purchase of Realty Income Corp in January. The rest of the increase is due to dividend increases I received from the other stocks and ETF.


Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55

This account is new and I purchased this stock earlier this year so I can’t compare year-over-year.


I was able to drip 12 shares in May.

# of Shares
Plaza Real Estate Investment Trust 5
Chorus Aviation 2
Corus Entertainment 2
Artis Real Estate Investment Trust 1
Inter Pipeline 1
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp 1

Below is a chart to show my future income I will receive from these new shares.

Adding $9 to my forward income is pretty good, not as good as the last two months but it will quickly grow year after year.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

Another month of growth I can’t ask for anything more than that. As you can see February, May, August and November are my weaker months in terms of receiving dividends. I continue my streak of surpassing my 2017 income total for each month here in 2018.

Dividend Goal

This year I have set an ambitious goal of wanting to receive $6,000 this year. At the end of May I am one third of the way there.


I made one purchase in May I bought 39 shares of Canadian Utilities for my TFSA account.


May was a busy in this department for me πŸ™‚

  • Telus raised their quarterly dividend to $0.525 from $0.505
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities raised their quarterly dividend to $0.1282 from $0.1165
  • Power Corp raised their quarterly dividend to $0.3820 from $0.3585
  • Canadian Apartment Properties REIT raised their monthly dividend to $0.1108 from $0.1066
  • Bank of Montreal raised their quarterly dividend to $0.96 from $0.93


That is going to do it folks for my May income report. Please feel free to comment below I always like hearing from you. How did you guys make out in May? I hope you received lots of dividends.

May Dividend Income


20 thoughts on “May 2018 Dividend Income

  1. Hey Matt. Your portfolio looks great, and your year-on-year increases are very solid. I like the addition of O – should provide you with good income for years to come.

    I also like to DRIP, and I’m glad to see you are doing that as well. Some folks have advised me to take my dividends and manually reinvest them in undervalued holdings or new holdings, so that I am not DRIPping shares of certain stocks when they are overvalued. Have you ever given any thought to doing this? It seems like a lot of extra work, but the returns might be worth it.

    Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Fireman thanks for stopping by. I am really happy adding O to my portfolio I am looking to add to it in the future. As you your question about dripping. This year I recently turned on my drip for my stocks, for nearly two years I had it turned off and just received the cash which helped me buy more stocks quicker. That strategy about not DRIPing overvalued stocks does seem like a lot of work, at the moment I am going to continue to drip all stocks if I can but I may look into changing this later on. Thanks for the question.


  2. baaaammnmmm!

    grats man. loving all those drips! keep it up, all those drips and raises will make you a very rich man.

    ladies will be like oh Matthew, me love you long time.

    cheers man!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Matthew,

    congrats on your results for May. Getting a dividend income this high in an off month is awesome. Keep it up!
    I like the purchase of Canadian Utilities, the whole sector has been beaten down and nothing wrong grabbing some shares. I own Southern Co and RedElectrica and think about adding…

    My dividend income in May came in as 846$,a new all time record… May is a traditionally strong month for me (a lot of german companies pay only once a year).


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Solid progress again, Matthew. It doesn’t matter the account, they all increase in value. That’s what we like to see.
    Those dividend raises should really juice your forward dividend income, too. I was lucky to see one raise in May… 5 is awesome!
    You look a tad behind on the yearly goal of $6K. Do you have some grand plans to reach your goal? Maybe June will get you close to $3K, close enough that you won’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to reach $6K by year’s end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey buddy thanks. Yes i am a tad bit behind on my yearly goal i don’t have any grand plans to reach my goal. For now I will see where my dividend increases take me. I may make one or two purchases before year end. Thanks for stopping by .


  5. Great job for the month of May. Canadian banks, which I own and love, and a lot of REITs all doing their part for the month earning you a tidy sum in May. Keep up the good work.


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