April 2018 Income

April 2018


Hello everyone and welcome to May. Since we are now into a new month it is time for my favourite post. Last month was outstanding and even better than March. Can you believe it? I can’t, I actually received the most dividends ever which I wasn’t expecting.

For April I received a total of $533.09. Wow my second month in a row of receiving $500 or more. This money was spread over my three accounts that make up my portfolio. In my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) I received $172.87, in my Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) I received $333.67, and finally in my new account the Locked In RRSP I received $26.55.


2017 2018
Inter Pipeline $17.87 $32.48
ZCL Composites Inc. $15.24 $30.65
Plaza REIT $0.00 $23.49
Corus Entertainment $6.56 $17.86
Chorus Aviation $17.28 $17.40
The Keg Royalties Income Fund $15.24 $15.70
Artis REIT $13.95 $14.13
Boston Pizza Royalties Fund $12.31 $12.31
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT $0.00 $8.85
Total $116.08 $172.87

I saw a nice increase here due to my new investment in Plaza REIT, ZCL Composites Inc. last year. Also it isn’t much yet but with some stocks you can see small increases that is from dripping my stocks.


2017 2018
BCE $78.93 $101.93
TransCanada $63.75 $70.38
Telus $48.00 $50.50
Algonquin Power & Utilities $47.78 $45.08
BMO US Dividend ETF $31.29 $31.74
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp $16.76 $16.90
Realty Income Corp $0.00 $12.92
Alimentation Couche-Tard $0.81 $3.78
North West Company $0.32 $0.32
Leon’s Furniture $0.10 $0.12
Total $287.74 $333.67

The big increase for this account is the investment I made in BCE earlier this year. Also BCE is the first stock to pay me $100 or more in a single dividend payment. What also helped were dividend increases from TransCanada and Telus.

Locked In RRSP

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings $26.55

I have just the one stock in this account. I should received the same each month until the dividend is raised.


In April I was able to drip 19 new shares.

# of Shares
Plaza REIT 5
Algonquin Power & Utilities 3
Chorus Aviation 2
Corus Entertainment 2
Telus 1
BMO US Dividend ETF 1
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. 1
Artis REIT 1
Inter Pipeline 1
TransCanada 1

I have decided to add a chart to this post and below will show you the future income I will receive from these new shares I receive through the drip.

The numbers continue to go higher which is great to see.

2016 to 2018 Dividends

2018’s numbers are looking good so far I have been able to beat my 2017 numbers each month so far.

Dividend Goal

As most of you know I have set a goal this year of wanting to receive $6,000 in dividends. So far after 4 months I received close to $1,800 if all the numbers stay the same until the end of the year I am on track to receive $5,395.86 which is outstanding for me. This number should increase however through future dividend increases and stock purchases this year.


There were no purchases this month, I sat back and collected my dividends.



My portfolio received one raise in April.

  • On April 26 Johnson and Johnson raised their dividend 7.1% it went from $0.84 to $0.90 per share payout quarterly.


Well folks that’s a wrap for my post. How did you do in April? Please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.


19 thoughts on “April 2018 Income

  1. Way to go Matt! Congrats on another record month in dividend income. Those REITs have nicely fueled your TFSA! That’s a nice and juicy dividend from Bell and a nice increase from TRP on year-over-year basis. You should break another record in July!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good job. once they get over $100.00 it seems you have accomplished alot. I currently have 5 over 100.00 and 1 that pays monthly that is over a 100.00. keep dripping and adding more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I really like that picture as well, I thought it was appropriate showing my income going straight up. Which stocks do you drip?? I think you drip Husky and Telus???


  3. Two months in a row of over $500! So great! I have only juuust started tracking my dividends more than what the bank shows me. I think I’m going to look into making some graphs or charts – graphics are really motivational.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another record… and in April no less. Tremendous work, Matthew! The jet graphic says it all.
    I enjoy seeing the new chart of forward dividends as well. This is something I keep track of, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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