January Net Worth $125,539.44 (-$1,102.33)


Hello folks it’s time for me to share with you my net worth for January. January was a mixed month for me, my net worth declined for the month, but I also reduced my debt more than usual. All the numbers that I will share with you below are what I had at the end of January.

As I write this last week was such a volatile week for the stock market that I am happy with how January turned out for me. One of my goals for 2018 is to increase my net worth by $50k , I still have 11 months to try and achieve this.

All numbers are as of January 31st, 2018

January December Change
Cash & Savings $10,738.13 $10,642.29 $95.84
Investments $112,588.89 $114,643.64 -$2,054.75
Car $14,969.00 $15,343.00 -$374.00
Liabilities $12,756.58 $13,987.16 $1,230.58

Cash & Savings +$95.84

January December Change
Car Account $565.90 $733.96 -$168.06
Savings $2,803.58 $2,544.18 $259.40
Emergency Fund $7,368.65 $7,364.15 $4.50

Cash – $3,369.48 (+$91.34)

My cash only increased by $91 this month which isn’t a lot but I am happy with it. One reason why the increase was low, is because my car account reached $1,000 in January once it did that I withdrew the money and made an extra payment on my car. I will try and do this again in February.

Emergency Fund – $7,368.65 (+$4.50)

I did not touch my emergency fund in January and it collected $4.50 in interest.

Investments $112,588.89 (-$2,054.75)

January December Change
Locked in RRSP $3,995.89 $3,960.64 $35.25
TFSA $26,225.00 $25,989.00 $236.00
RRSP $82,368.00 $84,694.00 -$2,326.00

January was a down month for my investments. I believe due to the higher interest rates that the US Fed and Bank of Canada are announcing is having an impact on my portfolio. My utilities, telecom have been declining causing the negative month.

Car $14,969.00 (-$374.00)

I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GLS, I check the value every three months. In January I checked it and the value had dropped $374.00. The current value sits at $14,969.00. I will update this figure in my April update.

Liabilities – $12,756.58 (-$1,230.58)

January December Change
Credit Card $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Car $12,756.58 $13,987.16 -$1,230.58

Car – $12,756.58 (-$1,230.58)

There was a big drop in my debt as I made an extra payment of $1,000 on my car. I’m that much closer to paying off my car πŸ™‚

Total Net Worth

As you see there was a slight decrease in my net worth in January. With so much of my net worth tied to the stock market I can expect to see some swings up and down. In the future I will need to change this and start saving money in a bank account.

Well folks that wraps up my latest net worth post. How did you do in January? Was your net worth higher or lower?

Thanks for reading


January 2018


14 thoughts on “January Net Worth $125,539.44 (-$1,102.33)

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the investment decrease too much. Like CF said, it is a temporary correction. Market fluctuations always throw numbers in your net worth around. But it isn’t a realized decrease since you hold long term. It will go back up by itself when the correction stabilizes.

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  2. Hey Matt
    Just remember – it’s all about the long game…monthly fluctuations don’t mean SH!T!

    Also – why not draw down some of that emergency fund and pay off your car faster – or invest? If I recall you still live at home right? So shouldn’t be expecting any major furnace repairs or anything…that money is just sitting there…may as well put it to work for you.

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    1. Hey Jordan thanks, in regards to the emergency fund I may withdraw some to reinvest if the market goes down further. I am going to wait and see how things go for now. It is definitely a long game I’m not worried about a down month or two my money should continue to rise in the years to come. πŸ˜€πŸ’°


  3. Great report Matt! Given the market volatility, it could have been much worse. Minus $1,100 is not so bad, really. It’s nice how you were able to offset investment losses with debt payments. When those investments rebound and more debt is paid, your net worth will go back to a much higher level. Right now, it’s the opportunity to pick up some stocks with higher yields!

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  4. Nice Matt. Congrats on that big car payment! Its gonna be a great feeling once thats gone. The stock market pullback is short term but might make it hard to hit your networth goal if some things hurt the market more. Nafta and was just reading a article that china isnt happy about these solar tariffs and might do something back to tax imports to the us. Its just noise at this point though.

    The nice thing is if the market keeps going back, once it rebounds that networth will skyrocket!

    Keep it up

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    1. Thanks Rob it will definitely feel great when I finally pay off my car and become debt free. With the market’s volatility of late it maybe impossible to reach my net worth goal this year but I am going to give it a go.


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