Fortis Announces Dividend Increase


Hey fellow investors thought I would do a bonus post this week.  On Monday October 16th, 2017 Fortis announced a 6.25% raise to it’s dividend. This raise marks the 44th consecutive annual dividend raise from Fortis. This is the first raise for my portfolio in a couple of months when Royal Bank of Canada announced their raise on August 23rd.

About Fortis

Fortis Inc. is a Canada-based electric and gas utility holding company. The Company’s segments include Regulated Utilities and Non-Regulated Utilities. Fortis is a leader in the North American utility industry with assets of approximately $48 billion and 2016 revenue of $6.8 billion. Fortis serves utility customers in five Canadian provinces, nine U.S. states and three Caribbean countries.

Dividend History


(Source for the graph was Fortis website)


Monday’s announcement increased the dividend to $0.425 per quarter from $0.40. This marks the 4th increase I have received from Fortis.

I currently own 161 shares so the increase boosts my annual income by $16.12.

Congrats to all the other shareholders who own this great company.

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2 thoughts on “Fortis Announces Dividend Increase

    1. Thanks as soon as I seen the GIF I knew I had to put it in the post. I have 161 shares of FTS. No I don’t drip my shares I take the cash so I can redirected the money. I am a big fan as well 👍😁


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