Here’s My Portfolio. How Does It Look?


Hi everyone how are you? Today I thought I would share my portfolio with you. Below I will share with you what sectors I am invested in. I will share with you the current value of my portfolio and the size of my two accounts within my portfolio. I decided to review my portfolio because I wanted to see where I am invested in the most and least, this allows to focus on certain sectors of the market where I am weak.

So let’s get started shall we. All the numbers that are in this post are as of October 16, 2017.

Account Values

My portfolio now has a value of $107,895.54. As you can see there is a big difference between my two accounts. I have been investing in my RRSP for years and through compounding I have seen impressive growth. Before 2016 my TFSA account had been used for gambles with stock picking, money was removed to pay for a trip to Sweden, and also school and that is why the value is much lower.

In these two accounts I now hold 27 stocks and 1 ETF. I add cash each month to both accounts but over the last two years I have been contributing much more to my TFSA and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Why does it matter which account my money goes in? Well the RRSP when I take the money out in retirement I will have to pay taxes. The TFSA is after tax money so I won’t be charged anything when I take the money out.

Geographic Diversification

I must say when I see this I’m not all that surprised as all of my stocks are Canadian and my ETF is U.S. focused. What this shows is that I need to diversify more and that means focusing more on the U.S. market and adding U.S. stocks to my portfolio. Also I will start looking for an ETF with international stocks to help get me invested globally. Even though I sit at 85% Canadian 17 of my stocks have operations worldwide.

My cash is currently at 3% of my portfolio and I would like to increase that to around 7% or higher. I currently add between $200-$500 per month. I want to be in a position to take advantage of any down turns in the market which I feel might be coming, but who really knows I can’t predict those things. That being said I am not planning on making any further buys this year unless something is just screaming buy.

Sector Diversification

As you can see my portfolio is currently focused on five sectors. I have not set any targets as to what I want each sector to weight. I feel that you should just purchase good quality stocks that you can hold for years. When I look at this chart I notice that there are two sectors missing healthcare and tech. In Canada we don’t really have many healthcare and tech companies so I will looking in 2018 at the U.S. market to make some purchases in these two sectors to help diversify my portfolio further.

One area of slight concern I guess would be energy being my second highest at 18.8%, as we know oil is hovering around $50. I currently own three energy stocks which are all pipelines. Pipelines aren’t affect as much as producers since they have signed contracts with the producers. That being said I would like to see my energy weighing go down a bit, I plan on doing that my increasing my investment in other sectors.

Top 5 Stocks

Stock Sector Percentage of Portfolio
Royal Bank of Canada Financial 7.1%
Enbridge Energy 6.9%
Fortis Utilities 6.8%
Bank of Montreal Financial 6.4%
BCE Telecom 6.0%

No real surprise here, I have tried to focus my investing on blue chip stocks that continually rise their dividend. These companies meet that requirement. Since 2014 I have received 21 increases from these stocks. I actually thought their percentages would be higher when I was going the the numbers but I find these very acceptable.

So there you have it guys what do you think? Do you recommend any stocks I should look to purchase in healthcare and tech? Please let me know in the comments below. I didn’t want to go crazy with charts and feel that the ones above do a good job of showcasing my portfolio. Do you feel I missed something! If so ask away in the comments.

Thanks for reading.



28 thoughts on “Here’s My Portfolio. How Does It Look?

    1. Enbridge is a very good company. No pipelines are a good investment now. I just feel that I am invested a little to much at the moment. I would recommend buying them Stefano. Thanks for reading my post.


  1. Dear Matthew,

    Congratulations on your significant portfolio value, onwards and upwards! I hold all your Top 5 except BMO (I hold TD instead).

    I recently sold Medical Facilities Corporation (DR) because they haven’t increased their dividends since (2013/14?). I kind of regret selling it as I like that; it pays monthly and has some international exposure.

    I purchased Extendicare this year too. I was on the fence between them and Chartwell. Not sure I made the right decision as I feel that Chartwell has more control (less government influence).

    I want to be in the healthcare industry as I feel that it’s only going to grow (doesn’t matter to me how fast as long as it pays dividends).

    Perhaps I should just buy at Index/ETF fund in the healthcare industry and be done with it. Have you looked into any?

    Besos Sarah.


    1. Hi Sarah thanks for stopping by. Chart well and Extendicare are about the only two major healthcare stocks in Canada. I must admit I don’t know much about them. The stock that I would like to get in the future is Johnson & Johnson. I’m sure there maybe a good ETF out there that tracks the healthcare industry. Thanks Matthew


  2. I like your portfolio. It is quite diversified for the size of it. Congrats on being over 100k too! Energy is my highest sector as well. Trying to bring that down a little bit and open up a few of my weaker areas. Surprised your REIT sector is allocated so low. That is usually pretty high for people since the yields and payouts tend to be so big. I need to buy more in the financial sector. Love the Canadian banks, but can never find a good entry point.

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    1. Thanks I currently own only two REIT’s that is why I am currently low in that area. The banks have certainly risen in price over the years maybe they will come down soon.


  3. Hey Matthew! I have the same diversification issue. Canada is a hard place to cover all sectors. I’m currently looking into Asia ETFs such as CN and FTW as well as US stocks. If that helps any! Great read and thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi,

    Congratz on beating the $100k. Impressive. I do like some of your companies, but I think you might be low on consumer def and consumder disc? I mean, those are the sectors that hold up best in bear markets. Energy tends to get beating quite bad. Just a though tough. Keep brining oil to that machine!

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  5. CVS and WBA in the US. Not quite sure they’re classified as healthcare but these stocks are big pharmacies with great track records of dividend increases. They’re down right now, might want to put them on your watchlist.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your portfolio I love the graphs and pie charts! I used to have a largely weighted Canadian portfolio and then realized my gains weren’t very good so then I switched to a more US/ International focus.

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  7. Nice portfolio. I own 4 of the 5. I don’t own BMO. I think TD has better dividend growth. For healthcare I own JNJ. How about considering a diversified industrial like HON? BIP.UN gives you diversified global infrastructure with a decent 4% yield and decent growth rate (last year 11%, though their goal is 5-9%) I don’t own many REITs. It’s hard to find one with a decent growth rate.

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