2017 Goal Review #3

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Wow we are already in the final third of 2017 where has the time gone? Since October is the start of the final quarter of the year that means it’s time for me to provide you with an update on my goals. This year I set goals for my personal finance, investing, for the blog and finally Twitter. If you would like to check out my first two reviews please click Review #1 and Review #2.

Let’s get to the numbers shall we 🙂 All numbers are as October 1st.

Personal Finance

  • Eliminate my loan of $3,818√
  • Increase savings to $6000 $10,000

For personal finance I set two goals. Why these? Well at the beginning of the year I decided that I needed to improve my finances. If anything unexpected were to happen I wasn’t prepared for it.

The loan that I had at the beginning of the year was from a $10,000 loan I took out in February 2016. I placed this money in my Tax Free Savings Account to invest. I am happy to report to you that I paid the loan off in full in April.

Happy dance

As for my second goal, when we began the year I had an emergency fund of $2,500 and I thought I should boost this higher just increase anything unexpected were to happen.So I made a decision and set a goal to increase this to $6,000. To help with this goal I took on a part-time job. As we moved into April my savings had crossed $4,000, and I thought heck we are not even at the mid point of the year I made my goal too low so I decided to up my goal to $10,000. As of October 1st I am happy to report that my savings are now at $6,731.97. As you see I have surpassed my original goal, I’m not sure I can reach $10,000 by year end but I will try.


  • Invest $4,000
  • Receive $4,000 in Dividends

As of October 1st I have invested a total of $3,491.96. I’m just $508.04 shy of my goal I am going to try really hard to achieve my goal because every dollar invested will help future me.

As for my second goal I am happy to share with you that through the first 9 months of the year I have collected $3,221.13. I am on track to surpass my goal in December.


  • Have 15,000 page views
  • Have 30 followers

This year I wanted to try and grow my blog and thought that these might be the best numbers to go by. For page views I have received a total of 9,768 through September it’s looking like a challenge to reach that 15k mark. However I am hopeful as August and September were the best months ever for my blog and October is off to a very good start.

As for my second goal I have surpassed my goal I now have 35 followers. I would just like to thank you as it means a lot to me that you have chosen to follow my blog.

Thank you


  • Reach 1,500 followers

This goal I kind of threw in there for fun I wanted to see if I could reach this lofty number. At the beginning of October I had 1,264. If you would like to follow me please click here.

That wraps up my third update of the year. I hope you guys are all achieving your goals.

Thank you for reading I appreciate it.

Please feel free to let me know how your doing on your goals in the comment section below.




12 thoughts on “2017 Goal Review #3

  1. Matthew, it looks like you’re going to achieve most of your 2017 goals — congratulations and thanks for sharing! I’m on track with all but one of my goals. For 2018, I’ll probably reconsider that goal, as things don’t always work out the way you think they would.

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    1. I take the dividend income as cash and purchase any stock I want. I don’t consider dividend income as savings, I only consider money in my bank accounts as savings. Thank you for reading my post 🙂


    1. Thanks. Yes I did take $10,000 from my line of credit. The interest rate was between 3 and 4% can’t remember the exact number. I thought it was worth it, if you can pay back the loan quickly I think it’s worth it.


  2. Great progress Matthew! Love how you are knocking your financial goals out and you were willing to take on the extra part time job just to get the job done. That’s a great attitude! The blog views will continue to grow at a faster rate as you continue to publish great content, interact with the community, and grow your twitter base (AS you saw in August and September). Your hard work will deifnitely pay off. Keep it up!


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  3. Seems like you are well on your way for every goal. A few look to be right in your grasp and you can check them off soon hopefully. A few others will be close but we still have plenty of time left this year. Glad you set big goals that are slightly difficult to accomplish. That makes you push harder to achieve them, setting up next year for bigger and better things. Keep up the great work. Love following along with the blog.

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