How I Dealt With A Recent Rejection


Hey folks today’s post is something different, I decided not to do an investing post. Today’s post is going to be about something that happened to me recently and I thought I would share it with you. I’m sure it’s happened to everyone, and I’m sure we all handle it differently. I applied for a job. If you follow me on Twitter you already know the result of my application.

My Job And The Job I Applied To

I currently work as a security guard and I am assigned to a local manufacturing company (won’t mention the name) that makes plastic that goes into pretty much everything planes, buses, phones, cars etc… Now the job I applied for was with the company that we provide security for. So they are familiar with me and I with them. The position was for an operating technician.

Hiring Process

Applying to work for this company is a little crazy and over the top in my opinion, but who am I to argue with it. So let me show you the process.

  1.  July 15th sent in my cover letter and resume.
  2.  July 19th I am am invited to do the aptitude test on July 29th.
  3.  July 29th write the aptitude test.
  4.  August 4th was sent an email saying I passed the test and I am invited to a phone interview on Aug 15th.
  5.  August 15th I have a phone interview.
  6.  Aug 29th I am sent an email saying I was successful and I am invited for an in person interview for Sept 6th.
  7.  Sept 6th I have an in person interview with three interviewers.
  8.  Sept 8th I am sent an email saying I was successful again and have been invited for a final interview on Sept 12th.
  9.  Sept 12th I have my 2nd in person interview with three interviewers (with big boss).
  10.  Sept 15th I am sent an email saying I would not be moving forward in the hiring process.  😦

As you can see it was a very long process in my opinion. It took two months exact for me. If I was successful it would have been three months.

My Reaction

I should mention that this was the fifth time I have applied to work for this company. This is also the furthest I have ever made it in the process, I made it to the final 16.

So upon seeing the email that stated “Thank you for your interest in the Operating Technician position, unfortunately you will not be moving forward in the hiring process. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.” It hurt quite a bit as I have wanted to work for the company for quite awhile now. Mostly because of the great pay and benefits they offer.

Also knowing I would have to go to work that night at the factory and knowing they didn’t select me was very tough. Thankfully the workers there and my wonderful followers on Twitter were very supportive.

How I Dealt With The Rejection

For a couple of days I was sad and moped around the house. Upon reflection on what happened I then chose to look at it in a positive light. As mentioned above this was the fifth time I have applied and the furthest I got in the process. The first two times I applied I didn’t hear back from the company. Then the next two times I was invited to do the aptitude test but didn’t make it past that. So I can look back and say that I am headed in the right direction.

Also I took the step of phoning the company and asked them why I wasn’t selected. After calling them I now have a better understanding of what they were looking for and why I didn’t get selected.

So to sum up how I have dealt and am dealing with the rejection I decided to take a positive outlook on their decision, although I am sad, I took the step of calling them and now I have a better understanding of why I wasn’t selected. I can now look to the future and try to see what else is out there for me.

How do you deal with rejection? Please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this post I appreciate your support.




16 thoughts on “How I Dealt With A Recent Rejection

  1. Hi Matthew,
    The rejection really hurt. But, you were one among the best 16 they chose. That says something about you! Now, you learned more about what they were actually looking for too. since you have some knowing faces in the company, try to network with the one who got actually hired. What is the difference in your approach and the one got job? You cannot change what happened. But, you can make that experience to get in a better position. Can you start your on security company? Can you start a placement service for security guards? Can you give guidelines to some one getting a better job?
    I got rejected from many places. It hurt so much when you really want that job. Then, armed with the experience you go to the next interview. That is exactly happened in my life.

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    1. Thanks buddy. Very good thoughts and questions I appreciate them. This is an excellent time to network like you mention. I also am treating this as a learning exercise, and I am looking at ways to improve myself 🙂


  2. I used to run a chemical/oil plant and hired hundreds of operating technicians during my career. I don’t know you but I can tell you the probable reasons you almost but didn’t quite make it. My guess is it came down to your lacking some hands on experience with the types of equipment in use at the facility. We anyways have preference to people who had already worked in a plant environment or with similar equipment. That means you are probably great on the other skills like interpersonal and reliability but didn’t have the equipment experience. It is very tough to break in without that. If a community college in your area has a process technology program that would probably get you in. Good luck.

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  3. That’s a real shame. That does seem like a really long time to go through interviews and the like. Almost seems like they were stuffing you around but oh well, on to the next one!

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  4. Sorry, Matthew!! I had been following along in the process but somehow missed the fact you didn’t get it. Good for you for going the extra step and asking for feedback. I am on the interview team for flight attendants and when we call to let them know we didn’t make it, we always give them feedback for their next interview should they choose to try again. I read through the comments and Steveark had a great idea to get that hands on experience. Maybe 6th time is the charm? 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bianca. I think it’s great that you provide feedback to the people who don’t get the flight attendant job. I always appreciate hearing why I didn’t get the job. Hopefully the 6th time will be the charm.

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  5. It’s hard. SO hard. Until this year I had never interviewed for a job I didn’t get an offer for; this time I lost count of how many applications i sent and I interviewed probably half a dozen times for various roles. It’s tough not to take it personally. I think the main thing is knowing why you didn’t progress to the next step along – info that is often not given – and sounds like in this case you have that info and can act on it. Don’t let yourself feel down for too long at a time – focus on what you can do and keep moving forward! ❤

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    1. Thanks eemusings I appreciate you sharing with me what you have gone through. For me this time I wanted to find out why I wasn’t selection, in the past I never asked. So now I know and can try and improve myself.


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