I Just Saved Hundreds With One Call

Hey folks how are you? Today’s post is going to be different from what I normally write about. Today I am not going to talk about investing, it’s going to be personal finance related.


Back in September 2015 when my cell phone died I did what many people do I jumped into my car and drove to the store to get another one. I knew I wanted a new one but didn’t know what brand to get. I did know that I didn’t want to pay up front for a phone so I chose the phone pictured above LG G3, it had a retail value of $600. To get the phone all I had to do was sign a two year contract at a certain price point. Looking back it probably would have been wise to pay for the phone in full and avoid the contract.

Here in Canada the longest contract a telecom company can offer people is two years, it use to be three years but, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) made this decision and it took affect with contracts signed after Dec 2, 2013.


Have you ever purchased something then regret it a short time later? Well this was me with me cell phone. You see I only really need my phone for driving in case of emergencies and for texting. When I went to the store I guess I wanted to be like everyone else I wanted to own a smartphone that could do anything. A few months into the contract I realized my mistake and regretted signing my contract for the phone. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice phone and works really well, however the price I was paying per month was way to much.

Speaking of money in order to get the phone without paying anything up front I had to sign up for a certain plan. So I signed up for the gold plan which cost $60 per month, I also added a $7 month insurance in case anything happened to the phone they would replace it. I also added 250mb of data for an extra $2 per month. So my monthly bill was $69 x 13% (tax) = $77.97 pretty outrageous for someone who only uses the phone for emergencies and texting.

Decision and the Call

After a few months I realized my mistake and wanted to correct it. So I started checking out plans for what I needed pretty much unlimited texting and a little bit of free mins to make some phone calls. With so many places offering free wifi I knew I could eliminate that option from my phone and that was probably the most expensive part of my current contract.

Last week I phoned my cell phone provider Virgin Mobile to see when my contract would be over and I was informed that my contract was going to end on Sept 24th. When I was doing my research the lowest plan that I needed was priced at $35 per month with Virgin and a competitor was priced at $30. I’m not sure about the United States but here in Canada all of the telecom companies charge people to unlock their phones usually around $50. In December the CRTC has ruled that the telecom companies will no longer be able to charge people.

So my original plan was to stick with Virgin and pay $35 per month until December then switch to avoid paying an unlocking charge. However when I was speaking with the lady from Virgin she asked me what I was looking for after my contract expired. After telling her what I was looking for she said she could offer me a $25 a month plan I decided to accept this. Here is the difference from my old plan to my new one.


                                                                   Cell Phone Plans
Old Plan New Plan
Had to sign two year contract Pay month to month no contract
750 Anytime Minutes 100 Anytime Minutes
Canada-Wide Calling Canada-Wide Calling
Unlimited Worldwide Texts from Can Unlimited Canada to Intl texts
Data 750MB 100MB
Voicemail Voicemail
Call Display Call Display
Unlimited evenings & weekends from 5pm Unlimited evenings & weekends from 5pm
Call Waiting & 3-Way Calling
Add Ons
Premium Smartphone Insurance $7 Remove Premium Smartphone Insurance
Data 200MB $2 Remove Data 200MB

As you can see above with my new plan I am no longer stuck in a contract I can leave anytime. Also I am losing 650 anytime mins and 850MB of data what I will miss out of these two is the data but I am willing to lose this in order to save money. I also removed the add on’s which I feel are not needed anymore.


My current plan I am in I’m paying $77.97 if I times that by 12 I am paying $935.64 a year.

Starting on Sept 8th my new month to month plan starts and I will pay just $28.25 per month and $339 per year.

So with this switch I will be saving $596.64 per year

Well folks there you have it by making one phone I was able to save close to $600 per year and correct my mistake I originally made two years ago. From now I am going to try and avoid contracts, I don’t like being stuck in a 24 month contract.

Thanks for reading I appreciate the support.



6 thoughts on “I Just Saved Hundreds With One Call

  1. Nice matt. I used to have a phone with no contract was paying 60 with bell. It broke i instantly went to mall. Got a newer phone and at 55 bucks per month. I instantly regretted it. Should of bought a phone off kijii and searched for best plan with bring yoir phone. I find virgin annoying so far. Im signed up for auto billing (take it off credit card but find sometimes they dont.) Really weird and ive called twice now.
    Anyways congrats on your new plan.

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  2. This was a great article, Matthew. It’s important as investors/consumers that we share stories not only about our investments but about our liabilities, too. I think that sometimes as investors we obsess a little too much over how much money we’re making while overlooking how much money we’re wasting as consumers.

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