BMO Increases Distribution For ETF

Hi guys hope you are all excellent and receiving lots of dividends. Today I just wanted to post about a recent increase I received. On March 21st Bank of Montreal (BMO) announced some changes to the distribution to some of their ETFs, on that list was an ETF that I own the BMO US Dividend ETF (ZDY).

I purchased ZDY late in 2016 which you can read click here. ZDY is designed to provide investors exposure to a yield weighted portfolio of US dividend paying stocks. It currently has a holding of 100 stocks.

Sector Allocation


ZDY pays a monthly distribution. With the announcement on March 21st this is the second time this year that BMO has increased the distribution. The ETF beginning with the payment in April will now pay $0.0700 instead of $0.06600.

I currently own 447 shares and with the announcement my forward income will increase $21.48 a year.

Congrats for those who own this ETF.

Thanks for reading please share 🙂



2 thoughts on “BMO Increases Distribution For ETF

  1. I don’t own the ETFs in your list as my portfolio is mostly of Canadian dividend stocks. I have similar feelings when receiving dividends and getting dividend increases. I should have just bought dividend stocks only for my portfolio.

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