* Milestone* Six Figure Portfolio

Hi everyone just wanted to share something with you. Today I thought I would check into my account and see how things were going and discovered I reached a milestone that I have wanted to achieve for awhile now.

My portfolio for today at least is now in the six figures 🙂


Mind you the market could go up or down and I could fall below six figures, but this made me happy and I wanted to share this with you. It has taken me about 13 years to achieve this let’s hope I can reach 200k in less time lol.


Thanks for reading please share if you like the post.



28 thoughts on “* Milestone* Six Figure Portfolio

  1. This is a great achievement and I feel happy for you. I still remember when I achieved the first 1/2 of my early retirement net worth last year. I felt that my motivation has just doubled when I saw that number. Can’t wait to be celebrating the second six figure with you.

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  2. Congrats on reaching a major milestone. You should give yourself a huge pat on the shoulder and have a celebration for reaching a major milestone. I use this little carrot to motivate myself and give myself an extra boost to reach the next milestone.


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