2017 Goals

Happy New Year everybody 🙂 it’s that time of year where we set goals for the new year. Well I am no different I have set some new goals that hopefully I can achieve. First though let’s review how I did with my 2016 goals.


  • Receive $3,500 in dividends       Success
  • Invest $4,000                                  Success

I had success with both of my portfolio goals. In 2016 I received a total of $3,570.11 in dividends, making 2016 the best year for me. I invested a total of $14,216 last year easily surpassing my goal of $4,000. Last year I made the decision to focus on investing.


  • 1000 followers          Fail

In 2016 I set an ambitious goal of trying to reach 1000 followers, I say ambitious because at the time I only had 253. Even though I did not reach my goal I say I still had a successful year on Twitter. On Jan 1st, 2017 I had 788 followers, I increased my followers by 115%.


  • 15,000 page views            Fail
  • 100 Subscribers                 Fail
  • 45 Posts                               Fail

I did not reach my goal on any of my blog goals but I did come close. For page views I ended the year at 11,129 not to bad in my opinion for only 10 months of blogging. For subscribers I began the new year with 6 so a big miss but at the time I was only guessing, I look forward to improving that number this year. As for posts I finished the year with 44 so pretty darn close to the goal.

So that wraps up 2016 lets take a look at my 2017 goals. This year I have added a couple of personal finance goals.


  • Receive $4,000 in dividends
  • Invest $4,000

This year I want to see if I can increase my income by $500 with the stocks I have I believe I can reach the $4k mark. For investing I have decided to once again to keep my goal at $4k the reason for this is I won’t be able to invest as much this year as I did in 2016. I will say why below in the personal finance section.



Even though last year I did not meet my goal I am going to increase it this year. In 10 months in 2016 I gained 535 so I think I can add 712 in 12 months.


  • 15,000 page views
  • 30 Subscribers/followers

This year I am only going with two goals, for page views I am keeping the same goal, I want to see if I can meet my goal before increasing it. I have lowered my subscriber/follower number as last year I made a wild guess, last year I had 6 so let’s see if I can grow that number.

Personal Finance

  • Destroy my $3,818 loan I owe
  • Boost my saving’s to $6,000

This year I have decided to focus on improving my finances which affects my investing so that is why I have added these to this post and site. I currently have a loan in which I owe $3,818 I want to pay this off quickly. Once that is paid out I will focus on building my savings, In savings I currently have $2,500 I don’t have much of a cushion if something were to happen such as my car breaking down, or needing a new laptop (my currently one is six years old) etc…


19 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. I would would still say pretty impressive progress even for some of the goals you missed. I guess this is why we set stretch goals, right?? Good luck in the new year and look forward to continuing to follow your journey. -PS

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  2. You still did a great job with how far you did get with your blog Matthew, so good luck growing it further this year. The main thing is that you hit both your investing goals, which is great. Hopefully this year can be just as successful financially 🙂


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  3. Matthew, great work! Your 2016 was very successful despite your ‘fails,’ and I imagine your 2017 will be awesome as well. I didn’t hit my 2016 passive income goal, but I think it’s more about the “system” than the intermediate results (like one year’s passive income total, etc). Like you, I focused more on personal finance this year (paying down debt, than investing). Best of luck in 2017!

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