Two New Buys

Hi folks I write to you today on purchases I made to end the month of November. On November 28th I added to my positions in two companies the first is:


Alberta-based Canadian Utilities Limited, with nearly 5,500 employees and assets of approximately $19 billion, is an ATCO Company. ATCO is a diversified global corporation delivering service excellence and innovative business solutions in Structures & Logistics (workforce housing, innovative modular facilities, construction, site support services, and logistics and operations management); Electricity (electricity generation, transmission, and distribution); Pipelines & Liquids (natural gas transmission, distribution and infrastructure development, energy storage, and industrial water solutions); and Retail Energy (electricity and natural gas retail sales).

(Source: Canadian Utilities website)

This is my second purchase of Canadian Utilities, back in July 2014 I purchased 130 shares @ $39.49.

Reasons for Purchase

  • 44 year streak of increasing dividends
  • $5.3 billion in contracted capital growth projects expected in 2016-2018
  • Share price was cheaper

Transaction Details

Purchased 25 shares @ $35.44= $886 + $9.99 (trading cost) = $895.99. This transaction lowers my average cost to $38.90. So now I currently own 155 shares.


Canadian Utilities pays a quarterly dividend which is currently $0.325 for an annual dividend of $1.30. With this purchase my forward income will increase my quarterly income by $8.13 and annual income $32.52.

My second purchase is:


WestJet Airlines Ltd. is a Canada-based airline company that offers airline services and vacation packages. The Company operates WestJet Vacations, which provide air, hotel, car and excursion packages, and WestJet Encore, which is a regional airline that operates a fleet of turboprop aircraft in a network of destinations in Canada and over one destination in the United States. The Company’s airline offers scheduled service to over 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe with its fleet of approximately 110 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, over 20 Bombardier Q400 aircraft and approximately two wide-body Boeing 767-300ERW aircraft. The Company serves over 160 destinations. Its destinations include the United States destination; service to over five new sun destinations, and the United Kingdom. The Company has a fleet of approximately 140 aircraft.

(Source: Google Finance)

This is my second by as well back in 2015 I purchased 1 share (not sure why only one share).

Reasons for Purchase

  • 46 consecutive quarters of profitability
  • Looking to expand into overseas markets

Transaction Details

Purchased 49 shares @ $21.19 = $1038.31 + $9.99 = $1048.30. I now own a total of 50 shares.


Westjet pays a quarterly dividend of $0.14 for an annual dividend of $0.56. The purchase will increase my 2016 income by $6.86 and forward (2017) income by $27.44.


So what do you think of my purchases? These buys conclude a very buys month for my portfolio. Come back on Thursday for my November income report. 🙂

Thanks for Reading



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