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I consider myself a long term investor and I try to purchase stable company’s that can survive in good times and bad I imagine everybody has the same philosophy when it comes to picking stocks lol why else would you buy it. That being said I don’t like to sell a stock but sometimes you need to some reasons are their financials have taken a turn for the worse, dividend was cut, or maybe the stock has become to big in your portfolio and you want to balance your portfolio.

With that being said last Monday November 14, 2016 I trimmed two of my holdings. Now I still like the stocks very much however they were becoming in my opinion too large in my portfolio. In the future at some point I would like to purchase more shares of both company’s.

The first stock I trimmed was: JP Morgan


In July, 2014 I purchased 88 shares of the bank and the stock has only gone up. Last Monday my gain for the stock was over 30%. The week of Nov 7-11 the stock alone went up 13%, when looking at the top holdings in my portfolio JP Morgan was at the top representing 13% I thought this was just a bit to high for me.


I sold 18 shares @$76.69 = USD$1380.42 I have put USD in there because I live in Canada and so that is what I received. In Canadian I received $1,847.94. With this transactions I will lose USD$8.64 a quarter in quarterly dividends or $34.56 in a full year.

My Second Stock Trim was: Proctor & Gamble


In July, 2014 I purchased 62 shares of the stock and it has been a steady performer for my portfolio especially with the state of the Canadian dollar dropping which increases the value of Proctor & Gamble. My return in P&G is similar to JP Morgan close to 30% it was the number two holding in my portfolio at 10%, so I chose to trim the holding just a bit.


I sold 12 shares @ $83.58 = USD$ 1,002.96. When exchanged into Canadian I received $1,343.13. By selling the 12 shares I will lose USD$8.03 in quarterly dividends or $32.12 in a full year.


In conclusion even though I trimmed by position in these stocks I still like them very much, and at some point down the road I will probably add to my position in each. However the trades were made to bring a little more balance to my portfolio. Also as noted above by selling the shares that I did it increased by cash balance by over $3,000 so now I can make some purchases if the stock market pulls back some.

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Recent Sell

  1. Interesting sales, Matthew.

    PG is a company that I am not interested in owning at these levels myself and I think selling and taking the profits here makes sense.

    JPM — not sure about the valuation and there are some good and bad points about the company and sector to consider.

    Thanks for sharing


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