Recent Purchase

Hi guys It has been awhile but I finally made a purchase. When shopping whether on the stock market or at the grocery store I always look for sales. Last Friday I purchased shares in Boardwalk REIT.


Description of Boardwalk REIT

Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust (Boardwalk REIT or the Trust) is an open-ended real estate investment trust. The Trust is focused on the acquisition, refurbishment, management and ownership, and where deemed appropriate the development, of multi-family residential communities within Canada. The Trust owns approximately 32,950 residential units within the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec, representing over 30 million net rentable square feet. Its assets consist of mid-sized suburban and downtown apartment buildings, and regional, mid-sized community and neighborhood residential centers located in urban markets. The Trust’s residential properties are located in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta of Canada. Boardwalk REIT owns the beneficial interest in, and notes of, Top Hat Operating Trust (the Operating Trust), and the Operating Trust owns LP Class A Units.

(Source Google Finance)

On November 11, 2016 last Friday I purchased 24 shares of Boardwalk REIT (Ticker TSX: BEI.UN). This is my second purchase of Boardwalk back in February 2016 I purchased 70 shares. Last week when I made the purchase the stock was down 8.33%, last week was a tough week for REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) investors. Boardwalk had a worse week than others because of a bad 3rd Quarter (I will do a post in a couple of weeks about 3rd Quarter), however I still believe in the company as they continue to develop new properties and purchase more as well.

Transaction Details

24 shares @$43.80 =$1,051.20 + $9.99 (trading cost) =$1,061.19

Portfolio Holding

In February 2016 I purchased 70 shares @$42.39 and with the latest purchase I now have a total of 94 shares with an average cost of $42.86.

Dividend Income

The stock today yields 5.21%. Boardwalk pays a monthly dividend of $0.1875 (Annual $2.25). My recent purchase will add $4.50 to my income for the remainder of 2016, and in 2017 it will increase my income by $54 if the dividend remains the same.

So what do you think of my purchase?

Thank you for reading I appreciate it. Please share if you like my post.



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