Move to WordPress

Hi everyone thank you for stopping by. Today’s post is not about investing it is a post about moving my blog to WordPress. I started the blog earlier this year after getting inspired by reading other investing and personal finance blogs. I didn’t have any writing experience so on a recommendation I created this blog on Blogger to dip my toes in the blogging world. After a few months I have come to enjoy blogging and felt that my blog needed a new home so I chose WordPress.

I chose WordPress because in my opinion it looks more professional then Blogger. I am having a lot of fun sharing my story with you guys and felt that the new platform will help the blog and help me attract new visitors and make new contacts.

I am still learning the ropes with WordPress and there is a learning curve for me as I am not great with computers. For example take a look at my Blogroll page everything should me one below the other instead of the way they appear now. If you can help me please send me a comment I would appreciate it.

Thank you for reading I appreciate you stopping by. I hope you like the change I made.




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