In Depth Look at My Portfolio

Hello everybody I hope you are all doing great. I started this blog earlier this year and I realised that I have yet to do a post about how my stocks are doing and the diversification of my portfolio. Sure I talk about how much dividends I receive from each company I own. Today I thought it would be fun to show you how my stocks are doing since I purchased them and to also show what sectors of the market I am invested in.

By doing this post I believe it will help me become a better investor. I will show you a breakdown of both of my accounts that make up my portfolio. The numbers you will see are from September 11, 2016 so they are pretty up to date. Also just wanted to mention that when you see the gain/loss numbers they do not include dividends received just appreciation or depreciation.

Shares Book Value Market Value Gain/Loss
Chorus Aviation 273 $1,540.32 $1,638.00 6.35%
Corus Entertainment 69 $884.87 $844.56 4.56%
Inter Pipeline 131 $2,983.65 $3,635.25 21.84%
ZCL Composites Inc. 127 $1,152.95 $1,268.73 10.04%
Artis REIT 155 $1,809.38 $2,004.15 10.76%
Boardwalk REIT 70 $2,967.45 $3,546.90 19.53%
Boston Pizza Royalties Income 107 $1,786.15 $2,302.64 28.92%
Keg Royalties Income Fund 166 $2,997.95 $3,399.68 13.40%
Total 15.61%
Cash $334.20
My TFSA account currently consists of eight dividend stocks, seven pay monthly and one quarterly. All of the stocks were purchased throughout the course of this year. I am quite pleased so far as I have gained 15.61%. As you see I have a small bit of cash sitting in the account at the moment I intend to continue to build up my cash in case of a market correction, so no new purchases are planned for the near term.

/] Above Above you can see what percentage each stock has within my TFSA.

Above you can see a breakdown of which sectors I have so far invested in. In the future I would like to add to Basic Materials and possibly add Healthcare in an effort to help diversify the account.

Shares Book Value Market Value Gain/Loss
Algonquin Power & Utilities 309 $2,916.48 $3,686.37 26.40%
Alimentation Couche-Tard 9 $574.70 $586.62 2.07%
Bombardier 1 $1.23 $2.01 63.41%
BCE 110 $5,363.71 $6,703.40 24.98%
Bank of Montreal 71 $5,641.20 $6,076.18 7.71%
Canadian Utilities 130 $5,134.25 $4,807.40 6.37%
Enbridge 94 $5,166.87 $5,462.34 5.72%
Fortis 161 $5,239.90 $6,589.73 25.76%
JPMorgan & Chase 88 $5,395.82 $7,643.53 41.66%
Leon’s Furniture 1 $24.08 $16.02 33.47%
Magna International 44 $2,200.96 $2,287.56 3.93%
North West Company 1 $39.00 $26.63 31.72%
Proctor & Gamble 62 $5,378.00 $6,968.06 29.55%
Potash Corp 45 $1,072.85 $996.30 7.14%
Power Corp of Canada 36 $974.75 $971.28 0.36%
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp 235 $3,186.17 $3,586.10 12.55%
Royal Bank of Canada 77 $5,832.98 $6,215.44 6.56%
Telus 69 $2,951.98 $2,900.07 1.76%
TransCanada 102 $5,156.15 $6,217.92 20.59%
Westjet 1 $30.40 $24.00 21.05%
Cash $1,022.95 Total 15.22%
My RRSP consists of 20 stocks 19 of which pay dividends (18 quarterly and 1 monthly). Since July 2014 my RRSP account has gained 15.22%. I have enough cash on hand to make a purchase if I want however like my TFSA account I am planning on building up my cash, and no new purchases are being planned at this time.

Above you can see what percentage each stock has within my RRSP account. Both of my American stocks are the biggest as the exchange rate has helped push them higher.

Above you can see a breakdown of which sectors I have so far invested in. Financials and utilities have a large percentage and that may lead me to think about selling a financial stock in order to reduce my exposure.

TFSA and RRSP Combined

Above you can see what my entire portfolio is invested in by sector.

Working on this post has allowed me to see that I need to diversify my portfolio better there are areas that I have yet to invest in such as healthcare. There are other areas such as industrials, basic materials where I want to increase my investments.

Thank you for reading I greatly appreciate it. If you have any comments I would love to read them.



4 thoughts on “In Depth Look at My Portfolio

  1. Nice job Matthew. I recognise a lot of those names, so you're well diversified and also, with all the colours and different sectors I can see how diversified you are 🙂 Plus, nice job with all the paper gains – awesome stuff!



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