Another Raise From The Keg Royalties Income Fund

Hello everybody how are you? I got home from work today and discovered some exciting news I got a raise not from work but from one of my stocks 🙂

The Keg Royalties Income Fund is a limited purpose, open-ended trust. The Trust’s objective is to provide consistent monthly distributions to unitholders at the highest sustainable level, and the Trustees of the Trust review distribution levels on an ongoing basis to fulfill that objective. The Trust pays distributions on a monthly basis to unitholders. The Trust is administered by its trustees and by the Keg Rights Limited Partnership (Partnership). The Trust, through the Partnership, owns The Keg trademarks and other related intellectual property from Keg Restaurants Ltd. The Trust makes cash distributions to its unitholders of amounts received by the Trust pursuant to interest paid on the Keg Loan and the Notes and pursuant to distributions on the Trust Units, less estimated amounts required for the payment of expenses, any cash redemptions of Units and reasonable reserves. The Keg GP Ltd. is the managing general partner of the Partnership and administrator of the Trust.

(Source Google Finance)

Today The Keg Royalties Income Fund increased the dividend 2% from $0.0900 per unit to $0.0918 per unit beginning with the August distribution. This is the second dividend increase from The Keg in 2016 ( 2.9% increase in May 2016).

I own 166 shares and this is the second increase that I received this starting a position in the stock. With this raise my income will increase $1.50.

Thanks for reading I hope everyone is receiving increases 🙂



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