Telus Dividend Increase

Good morning everybody hope you are all doing well. This morning I came home from work and planned on watching the hockey game I recorded from last night and thought I would have a quiet day. However when I turned on my computer I learned that I got a raise a healthy 4.5% raise to be exact :). I received this raise not from my employer but from a company I have in my portfolio, it came from Telus who has all those cute animals in it’s commercials.

Today Telus announced a 4.5% increase to it’s dividend. The dividend will increase to $0.46 from $0.44 the increase will be payable on the July 4th, 2016 payment. Telus over the last several years have announced semi annual dividend increases, and are committed to raising the dividend 7 to 10% per year from 2017 to 2019.

I currently own 69 shares of Telus and this is the second increase I have received since owning the stock. My income will increase $2.76 if the dividend remains at $0.46 for the remainder of the year.


2 thoughts on “Telus Dividend Increase

  1. Oh yes I do love this stock this shows by expanding the dividend growth to 2019 that they are confident of significant earnings growth in the coming years. I may have to add more shares to my portfolio 🙂


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