March Income

Hello everybody I hope you are all doing great. First off I have been really busy and haven’t been able to write a post in awhile. I hope everyone had an outstanding month of March and increased your dividend income.

After a very busy February my portfolio returned back to normal. March was great for me and also very quiet for me no purchases were made. At the moment I am just sitting back and watching the dividends role in. In March I had 12 companies pay me dividends by far the busiest month I have ever had. The income received for the month was $243.39 that is an increase of  $78.95 compared to March 2015. I received $64.58 in my TFSA account. For my RRSP account I received $178.81.

My portfolio consists of two accounts Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). I had five companies from my TFSA and seven companies from my RRSP pay me in March.


  • Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust   $13.13
  • Chorus Aviation                                       $10.84
  • Artis Real Estate Investment Trust            $13.77
  • Keg Royalties Income Fund                      $14.53
  • Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund         $12.31


  • Canadian Utilities                        $41.93
  • Fortis                                          $60.00
  • Enbridge                                     $49.29
  • Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp.             $16.24
  • Magna International                     $5.92
  • Power Corp of Canada                  $11.21
  • Westjet                                          0.14


Through my discount brokerage I am involved in Dividend Reinvestment Plans for all my my stocks, The DRIP that I have is called a Synthetic DRIP with this I can only purchase whole shares any partial amounts are returned to me in cash. Through my DRIP I received 6 shares this month and they are:

  • 1 share of Chorus Aviation
  • 1 share of Artis Real Estate Investment Trust
  • 1 share of Canadian Utilities
  • 1 share of Fortis
  • 1 share of Enbridge
  • 1 share of Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp.

Dividends In 2016

Through the first three months of 2016 I have received a total of $753.94. In 2015 at this time I had received $556.07 so I have increased my income year over year by 135% I am all smiles when I see this number.

How did everyone else do in March? Please let me know how you did in March and through the first three months of 2016.


8 thoughts on “March Income

  1. Thanks Tawcan it was a great month a big part of the growth was the purchase of the monthly income stocks in February, that should fuel some impressive growth for the remainder of the year.


  2. As the others have commented, your progress is amazing. Just keep sticking to quality dividend payers that have sustainable yields and long term you'll really be amazed at your results. Thanks for sharing.


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