Welcome to All About The Dividends

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out All About The Dividends. I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog. All About The Dividends was created because I have become inspired by all of the other investing blogs out there, and I wanted to share my journey through the world of dividend investing.

This blog will be focused on stock’s that pay dividends. I will be discussing my portfolio, provide monthly updates, dividend increases or decreases, stock purchases or sells. Also I have created goals which I will update throughout the year. It is my goal to create at least one post per week however that may increase depending upon what my portfolio is doing.

This is my very first time blogging so I hope you like what you see and will comeback and continue to visit the site. I have added an option to subscribe to the blog please subscribe so you don’t miss a single post. Also please follow me on Twitter @AllAboutTheDivi where I tweet about all the latest financial news.

Thanks again


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